Art is my passion, a place I go where there are no limits, boundaries or conditions.  My artwork, by nature is very spiritual and is a product of spirit mind and soul.  My paintings often carry prophetic meanings and symbolism.  A variety of mixed media materials are used to each piece which is an original work of art.  The artist in me has always been there since my childhood and has developed and blossomed with me as I have grown as a person.

Sally’s work is concerned with creating a sense of depth and form through the use of colour and colour relationships.

‘My work continues to explore colour and the ways in which colour relationship can create a sense of depth and form.  I draw my inspiration from my own spiritual journey and my work often has spiritual and prophetic meaning and symbolism.  My work is not representational in an obvious sense, but may allude to landscape or figurative form- I like to leave some of the interpretation up to the viewer.  Some paintings are made as a response to observe elements in the world around me, and my use of colour has been informed to some extent by my childhood in Africa with its beautiful diverse landscape and cultures.  I use a wide range of materials and techniques to achieve the effects I am after.  Including  oil, acrylic, collage, charcoal, pastels and mono printing. ”

Sally has exhibited widely and is currently working and living in London.

I enjoy working with my hands and use traditional, tangible materials: paper, paint, pencils and charcoal. I collect decorative art paper that I scatter randomly on my work table. I shuffle through it and look at it and rearrange it until I start to see patterns and relationships in the disarray–order emerges from chaos. These patterns are the beginnings of collages, and collages sometimes are the beginnings of painting I use a variety of techniques and processes in each piece and use element of line, shape, colour and form to communicate spiritual concepts. My mono prints and paintings are often a combination of abstract and figurative form.  I am interested in the relationship of materials and how they work or don’t work together.

I am inspired by any number of things, from my faith to travels abroad, art history and nature, music, and the “happy accidents” that occur while engaged in art making. Often ideas come to me while I am working.

I grew up in South Africa and currently work and live in London.  I have recently completed a MA degree at the University of East London and have a BA degree from the University of South Africa.  I continue to create and exhibit and sell my work in London and abroad.   I am in the process of creating an online shop for my artwork.